Cupcake, Ice-cream and Flower Ribbons CLEARANCE SALE~

Hi there! We have to let these ribbons go, to let new stocks coming in..
have fun browsing and don;t forget to email us at nadzleem.majid@yahoo.com
for your orders! hurry as these stocks are limited! :-D

7/8" Cupcake ribbons and stripe ribbons: RM2/ yard! (NP: RM2.60/yard)

1) pink-blue cupcake

2) pink-choco cupcake

3) pink-blue stripe

4) pink-choco stripe

5) Pastel stripe

7/8" Printed Ribbons : RM 2.80/yard! (NP: RM 3.50/yard)

1) Pink cherry

2) Pink flower

3) Cupcake frenzy *

4) Ice-cream frenzy

* Please note that this cupcake ribbons is different from the above in terms of the quality of the ribbon, thus has different price.


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